The Pendleton Downtown Association is the catalyst for community-driven economic development and historic preservation in Downtown Pendleton. We create programs together with our partner organizations to support our member businesses, improve downtown design, and create effective promotion strategies.


We strive to develop partnerships that stimulate economic vitality and investment in the downtown core through sustainable, community-driven initiatives that celebrate our heritage. All of our received donations directly benefit downtown Pendleton.

We are a non-profit organization located in the heart of Eastern Oregon and we focus on the sustainable development of our downtown core through strategic, community-driven initiatives. These initiatives utilize the Main Street America Four Point Approach: Organization, Economic Vitality, Promotion, and Design.


As a Transforming Level Community within the Oregon Main Street program, we implement long-term planning as we seek to enhance the physical appearance of the district through the development of strategic design management systems and the rehabilitation of historic buildings. Utilizing the resources granted to us as a member of the National Main Street Center, we strengthen our district's existing and potential economic base by providing valuable resources and support to our members as well as developing marketing and promotion strategies.

We strive to serve with integrity, build open, honest relationships, and empower our community partners.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement:

The Pendleton Downtown Association (PDA) is committed to fostering a supportive, inclusive atmosphere for ALL community members, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identities and preferences. We strive to cultivate a culture free of assumptions or bias.


The PDA commits to advocating for those marginalized in our community and beyond while also continuing to educate ourselves, and our members accordingly, as language and the world around us evolve. 

-A Note from the President of the Board of Directors-


I am Angela Thompson at Pendleton Music Co. on Main St. in downtown Pendleton and I am the President of the PDA. My plan as President is to not only follow in the footsteps of leaders before me but also forge forward along new paths. Each step I take I will ask the question “how does this program or initiative fit the mission of the Pendleton Downtown Association and is it beneficial to our membership businesses?” By spending time now evaluating and improving all the documents guiding our activities we can plan a route. When you know where you’re going on your journey you can see the destination in the mind’s eye: you may not have been there before, but you have an idea of what the destination looks like.


That destination is a successful, sustainable downtown and we can get there when we work together through improved communication and planning with our growing force of partner organizations like the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce, the Pendleton Enhancement Project, the Pendleton Development Coalition, the Pendleton Convention Center, the City of Pendleton, and Travel Pendleton which are all dedicated to Pendleton’s Economic Revitalization.


It is important to highlight the unique challenges Main Street Businesses face in today’s economy. The Pendleton Downtown Association’s role is to support and advocate on a daily basis for our member businesses working through those hurdles. I want the efforts spent today to pay off in dividends tomorrow through a concerted sustainable effort. My personal goal is to help my neighbor find their own daily success so that we as a community can succeed together.



Angela Thomson

Pendleton Downtown Association President