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Downtown Flower Baskets

PDA Request for Bids


The Pendleton Downtown Association (PDA) is soliciting bids for watering our 2020 Main Street Flower Baskets during the business week (Monday to Friday) and/or on Weekends (Saturday and Sunday). The successful proposals will be responsible for watering the Hanging Flower Baskets on Main Street Monday through Friday and/or Saturday to Sunday.


Scope of Services

Watering requirements:

  • Due to Pendleton’s drier windy climate, hanging flower baskets are to be watered daily during the business week (Monday to Friday) and/or during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

  • When temperatures exceed 90F, two daily watering are needed.

    • The first daily watering needs to occur in the early morning before 8 am before daily vehicle traffic and parking begins to pick up on Main Street.

    • The second daily watering needs to occur after 5 pm to again avoid most daily vehicle traffic and parked cars.

  • The flower baskets need to be fertilized once per week with a water-soluble fertilizer as specified on fertilizer package. Selected contractor to supply product.

  • City water is available at no cost to the selected contractor

    • Arrangements can be made to supply a water trailer for the selected contractor upon request.

  • A watering wand is recommended and to be provided by the selected contractor. The wand should deliver a steady, gentle spray.

  • Assessment of flower health will be on-going, report any concerns to the PDA. Removal of dying blooms should be carried out regularly.

  • Any observations and concerns should be directed to the PDA.


Evaluation Criteria and Selection

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

A. Specialized experience in the type of work to be performed and qualifications of the contractor and/or assigned staff.

B. Ability to complete the Scope of Services as outlined above. Proposing contractors should specifically note the scope of their bid, specifying if they have the ability to provide the services on the weekends, weekdays, or both.

C. Cost of bid for the services as outlined above.



Final selection will be made by the PDA Board following review on or before April 15th, 2020. After the selection process an independent contractor agreement will be negotiated and executed.


RFP Proposal Submission

Proposals may be mailed or emailed, but in either case must be received by the specified date (3/30/20). Late proposals may not be considered.


Deadline for Submission of Proposals


Proposals must be received by Friday, March 30.


Mail to:

Pendleton Downtown Association

Attn: Wesley Murack, Executive Director

PO Box 1643

Pendleton, Oregon 97801

Email to:

Wesley Murack


Please Contact the PDA Office with inquiries.


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