Resources for Main Streets

Tips for Adapting your Business

  • Encourage community members to buy gift certificates at local restaurants and retail shops
    to be used later in the year

  • Restaurants can consider connecting to food delivery services or more take-out options

  • Yoga studios and similar shops - consider video conference sessions

  • Retail businesses - now is the time to enhance your store's online shopping experience (or create one)

  • Small-Medium businesses should intensify their social media presence

  • Offer Facetime, Skype, or chat channel services for selling virtually face-to-face, answering questions, and providing the same customer service interaction you would provide in your store

  • When people work remotely, they are more susceptible to online shopping, checking in with
    social media more often, etc. Your business should identify ways to take advantage of this.

  • Develop a cleaning protocol with a local cleaning service. Get some neighbor businesses on
    board and develop a pledge - “Downtown Cares About Your Health”. Tell everyone about it with on-site signage and through digital channels!

  • Consider and implement ways your business can create a healthier environment for staff and
    customers. Communicate your business's commitment to public health. One example: for
    restaurants with service cases, create a rope barrier 3-5 feet away from the case to distance
    your products from human contact.

  • Update your customers on new experiences or products you'll offer when conditions

  • Could your business set up a customer membership for "subscribe & save" delivery or pickup
    of your products?

  • Consider accepting a "shopping list" online, and fulfilling the order through delivery

  • Continuously promote the value and reliability of locally sourced products and local supply

  • Stay connected with customers using live streaming, videos, or live chats. Proudly show off the ways you are adapting your business so that you can continue to serve them!

  • Consider a regular cadence of communication - for example, "today's news from the bagel shop".

  • Talk to your insurance agent about business interruption insurance

  • Does your business host live music or other events like trivia night, etc.? Live stream them!


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